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MsBabaYoga in her garden
I teach out of my own practice. My story and the yoga that goes with it, is greatly influenced by my own life. Through yoga I learned that life is not a competition. Just like the flower, I encourage students not to compete against the flower that is planted next them , but rather allow themselves to bloom and become a thing of beauty. In the vast garden of life, every flower blooms in its own unique way, without comparison. I also believe that there’s something within all people that wants to comfort, encourage and serve others in some way. Because I trust in the nourishing, healing, renewing and inspiring powers of yoga, I’m driven to support and encourage people to step on the mat and bloom in their own way. 
“Even in the best of worlds the soul needs refurbishing from time to time.”

― Clarissa Pinkola Estés, Women Who Run With the Wolves

Yoga equipment laid out ready for a yoga class
What I teach
I practice and teach classes at my home yoga studio. My approach to yoga is open, relaxed and inclusive. I encourage students to meet their own body where they are at , and to do so , I prefer a light touch adjustments, direct modelling and use of props. 
No matter what style of yoga I am leading, whether it's a beginners class with more gentle approach, more energetic Hatha yoga practice or simply a holistic relaxation, my aim is to focus on all the healing aspects Yoga offers and how we can restore our body, mind and soul through our practices.  Asana practice, intention, Yoga Nidra, community, pranayama,  all have tremendous relieve aspects which we will explore during the class. I am also a big believer of incorporating an early morning practice into a daily routine. Practicing yoga in the morning can instantly make you feel calmer and more at peace with yourself. It can help to clear your mind and set a healthy intention for your day. In the nearest future I am also looking to incorporate pregnant students safely into my existing classes and teach exclusive prenatal classes based on more intimate study of women’s bodies and cycles.
Where I teach
I mostly teach at my home studio in a private space specifically dedicated for yoga practice, meditation and relaxation. Babayoga  studio was designed to provide comfort, relaxation and tranquility. Because the studio is located at the attic, it’s so special to to do yoga in a room with so much daylight coming from the big window. It gives you a certain kind of vibrancy, as natural sunlight is proven to enhance mood and energy levels and it makes your practice so much better and lighter. It almost feel like you are standing in the middle of the skies. 
Ms Baba Yoga's studio
Yoga teacher standing in a doorway
I also try to practice and  take my yoga classes outside as much as possible, to my beautiful garden. Yogis originally did yoga outside in stunning places. Not only is practising in nature incredibly revitalising, it brings you little closer to the original purpose of yoga : achieving unity. When you do yoga outside, you’re encouraged to interact with all other forces- you’re honouring your interconnection with all life.  The feel of the sunshine on your shoulders, the scent of the flowers, the chirp of the birds all work together to release tension and connect you deeper into your practice.
"Thank you for an amazing experience Julia! I feel rejuvenated inside and out. Your class is such a great combination of mental and physical stimulation. I feel like I am ready to tackle the world!"
Ilona Bartusiak
"just left @msbabayoga studio - it's a treat for the soul"

Kaya Kochman
"Last week I experienced a YIN YOGA class with Julia. Very calming and restorative, it brought a wide smile to my face, so I truly achieved a great emotional outcome (...) Also, before the practice, Julia made sure to learn about my physical health and personal preferences, so the class was tailor made and perfectly balanced. Thank you Julia"

Maria Kochman
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7 Ballywaltrim Cottages
Bray, Co. Wicklow A98EC98
+353 (0) 85 720 6009
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