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“Women should be tough, tender, laugh as much as possible and live long lives".

Maya Angelou

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My Story

    I came to yoga rather late in my late 30’s. When I first unrolled my mat, I only saw yoga through physical practice. As a woman who had a lot of self-doubt, my life was imbalanced and I was looking to compensate it by improving my physicality. It didn’t take long before I realised that yoga is a journey inwards, constant discovery, not a competition how quickly I can get "deeper" into the pose . You can push your body through yoga poses , but it is what stays with you off the mat- the inner strength, the calm, the clarity- that has the greatest impact. My first yoga teacher training also helped me to view yoga from a completely different perspective. The most important thing it has affected is love, gratitude and a deeper connection with myself and others.

      Before I became a yoga practitioner, the last relationship I would take care of was the relationship with myself. This had a tremendous impact on my health, how I viewed life, my happiness and the relationships I build with others. While I am still learning, I have started to perceive the world differently. Nature and my connection to it has started to play a bigger role. Like the flower that blooms regardless of the flower next to it, I no longer try to compete with myself or the people around me. Instead, I want to encourage and support my students, so everyone can grow and express their uniqueness in their own way.

 I’d like to think that I am becoming a better person every day, a loving, kind and honest  human being for my husband, my two beautiful girls, my friends, my students, strangers on the street.

Living in alignment  gives me the methods to transform how I think, how I teach, how I  communicate with others. I want to inspire my students to direct their attention inwards, stilling the mind and connect back to the place of unlimited love and inner power which I believe will always be able to support and sustain us through life. 

My Dream for the future
When I think about yoga, I think of transcending out of a “me” mentality and ascending into unity and connectedness with the universe, people and nature around us. Through my teaching I’d like students to realise that although on a superficial level things appear separate, on a deeper level we begin to recognise everything is connected. Everything we say, think and do doesn’t just affect our own inner world but our outer world as well.
This is moving from selfish to selfless. It is understanding that by giving to others, we ultimately give back to ourselves. Being able to see ourselves in all things allows us to behave in a world and relate to all beings differently, because we understand that we are all one.
Flowers being held in a garden
Pink Concrete
"We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all of the power we need inside ourselves already"
J.K. Rowling
7 Ballywaltrim Cottages
Bray, Co. Wicklow, A98EC98
+353 (0) 85 720 6009
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